Mr Cashman Slot

Mr Cashman is extremely popular and always recognized amongst all other popular characters. In fact, in most of the Australian casinos, it has originated as its own slot. There used to be three reel slots with Mr Cashman as the symbol of the reel, so the history of this character goes way back in time. That being said, it isn’t a surprise at all that when video gaming slots started gaining popularity around the world, Aristocrat Leisure Limited has decided to migrate this character to the video platform and make new games with Mr Cashman.


Mr Cashman made its first appearance to the slot games back in the 90’s and Mr Cashman bonus games were added to MKVI cabinets at the start of 2000’s. In 2003, Casino Journal named Mr Cashman as one of the top twenty innovation in gaming products, so it isn’t hard to see how great this product is.


If you want to test out how it feels to be the real Mr Cashman, then simply visit this site: and click on the “Play” button.


Description of the Design of the Slots


There are plenty of variations available for the gambler, so the design itself really comes down to the theme you are playing with. Mr Cashman slots won’t surprise you with incredible graphics( although they are much better comparing to Aristocrat’s first generation slots), but it doesn’t really matter, because these slots strive in other direction.


As for the default setup, there are 25 win-lines, and you can bet as low as 1 cent per line, and just 25 cents per spins. You will also get acquainted with the clicking sound of the reels as well as the coin fountain, because those features can be found in most of the slots designed by Aristocrat.


Description of the Games


In today’s world Mr Cashman can be found in a number of popular slots, especially those that include African and Aztec themes. Some of the names are: Magic Eyes, African Dusk, Jail Bird, Cashman Fever Jewel of the Enchantress and many-many others.


Description of the Special Features


There are more than enough features presented, keeping in mind the number of the slots with Mr Cashman. First of all, there is random “re-spin” bonus, that lets you get a completely free re-spin in case your previous spin wasn’t successful. Pretty cool, right?


Moving on to the second feature, where you are able to get a “pick me” type of bonus. This one can be used when you have managed to match at least three of the bonus symbols at any place on the reels. With this bonus you can such things as: coin values, free spins, and enhanced coin values, that are a better and more profitable version of regular coins.


One of the most entertaining and more profitable features, however, is the mini-slot machine. It is basically a game within the larger game. If you get lucky enough, you will see three numbers on your screen( between one and nine). Then there is a number being randomly generated and that number is basically the amount of coins you get. That way, you can earn up to 999 additional coins by simply getting lucky



Even though Aristocrat Leisure Limited have never specifically stated that Mr Cashman is available for play on the mobile devices, it certainly is. Mr Cashman slots have been tested on numerous devices, including Android, iOs, Blackbetter, so it can be easily played on the go.




Mr Cashman is definitely a very fun character. This slot is great for both new players to the world of gambling and experienced gamblers. Even though it’s mainly popular in Australia and New Zealand, it has certainly made strides in becoming bigger and more popular in other countries, thanks to the fascinating slots. If you are looking for some bright and flashy slots, then Mr Cashman might not be your primary choice. However, if you are actually trying to gain some serious earnings and have additional chances with bonus features, then this is exactly what you are looking for.